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Cielo Spa Boutique provides waxing services with great care and in a tranquil setting to ensure our clients feel as comfortable as possible. We do Brazilian waxing, and waxing for face and body. See below for pricing. We are open 7 days a week by appointment only.

Our specialists offer stripless hard wax hair removal services using a beautiful blue hard wax called, Berodin Wax. The hard wax is a special product that removes hair as short as 1/16th of an inch and works perfectly on any part of the face or body. No strips are used in this hair removal process and it is ideal for even the most sensitive of skin. Our European hard wax has natural ingredients that are especially gentle and effective.

By adhering to the hair, not the skin, hard wax gently removes hair from most sensitive areas. Waxes can be re-applied on just waxed areas immediately without discomfort or irritator. Stripless waxing leaves skin smooth and residue free. This, combined with our no double dip policy, ensures an ultra-clean treatment.

Arm (Half)
Arm (Full)
Skinny Bikini
Skinnier Bikini
Full Face
Half Leg
Full Leg
Men's Back

For your comfort please avoid the following:

  • Waxing 2 days before, or during menstrual cycle.
  • Tanning (sun or machine) before or immediately after waxing.
  • Abrasive cleansers, deodorants (underarm wax), or lotions on day of waxing.
Hygienic Waxing Policies

We like to educate our clients about the importance of skin care before and after treatments to enhance the long term effects of waxing.

We pride ourselves on providing a sanitary environment during every treatment. By strictly enforcing certain policies, we ensure a clean experience. We never double dip our waxing applicators during the process and always wear a glove to maintain a clean area. Cielo Spa specialists do not perform waxing treatments on any menstruating client.

After Care Treatment and Ingrown Hair Prevention Tools

We recommend three tools that will help prevent painful, ingrown hairs and improve the smoothness of skin. All treatments should be applied at least 48 hours after waxing. First and foremost, exfoliation is key to successfully avoiding ingrown hairs and maintaining a smooth skin surface. We recommend that you use a moisturizing cleanser that is effective in minimizing ingrown hairs and congested pores. An ingredient to look for in products is lemon tea tree oil which works as a naturally calming and repairing therapy for skin. Apply the cleanser to the treated area with our Exfoliating Mitts for best results. Mitts are made from natural plant fibers and gently remove the outer layers of dead skin, smoothing skin and removing trapped hairs that can result in painful ingrown hairs. Ingrown X-it Spray is a mild exfoliation spray that moisturizes and soothes irritated skin. Spray the product directly onto the treated area of your body and gently massage it in with clean hands, allowing your skin to absorb all of the product’s benefits.

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