The Importance of Sunscreen for a Radiant Summer Glow

As the days grow longer and warmer, and the allure of outdoor adventures beckons, it’s crucial to remember one essential step in your skincare routine: sunscreen. While the sun’s rays offer much-needed vitamin D and a natural mood boost, they also pose serious risks to our skin. While most people acknowledge the risks of sun […]

Detox Your New Year with Mud Baths

Can you name something that is more relaxing than a trip to the spa? No matter who you are, everyone deserves to be indulged once in a while. Mud baths have a various health advantages, while it may seem out of the ordinary to submerge your body into heated dirt and water. People have relied […]

The Key to Luscious Locks

Have you always dreamed of having the luxurious, shiny hair that you see in the commercials? With the right products and routine, your hair goals are 100% possible. Take a moment to think about your current hair care routine. Are you including the following steps?   Shampoo, Conditioner, and Brushes Take your time washing your […]

Show Your Hands Some Love

Your hands never take a day off, so take some time to show them a little love and thank them for getting you through the day. Hand care isn’t a term you hear too often – usually hair and facial wellness take priority leaving little to no attention to the skin on our hands, but […]

Fall-ing in Love With Your Skin

Fall is finally here – Changing colors, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything. More importantly, fall is for facials!  The lasting effects of summer fun in the sun may leave your skin more vulnerable right now. Fading tans can turn into skin that may need some rejuvenation. Sunblock and sweat can clog pores and leave […]

Falling for Essential Oils

Toss your toxic commercial candles and sprays scented with carcinogenic fragrance oils aside. Say goodbye to air fresheners that are far from natural. This Fall, how about trying some natural autumn scented essential oils? They are easy to use in a diffuser in the home! The benefits of essential oils and their cozy fragrances come […]

Summer Skincare Glow-Up

In most climates, summer months are well-known for their abundance of sunshine, humidity, and warmer temperatures. With this, also comes the need for some self-care adjustments, as our skin and body require different care in the summertime heat. SPF every day: Avoid sunburns and premature aging by adding a facial sunscreen to your daily skincare […]

Slugging in Skincare

“Slugging” has recently gained massive popularity via TikTok and Instagram skin-fluencers. There are thousands of videos on the internet of people trying the overnight sensation for themselves. But what exactly is it? Are we attaching slugs to our face now? Well to put it simply, Slugging is an intense form of moisturizing that locks in […]

Sun’s Out! Sunscreen is on!

Glorious summer days are ahead! Full-on with our favorite bikinis, strappy sandals, and a few of our favorite cocktails at the beach. One major essential that we can’t forget about this season (or any season for that matter) is sunscreen! Keep reading for a few tips on how to better take care of your skin […]

GUA SHA: Benefits of Facial Massage and How to Gua Sha Appropriately

We’re not sure about you, but we’ve seen the words GUA SHA floating around socials, magazines, and influencer Instagram stories a lot lately, so we thought we’d get into it! Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese method of massage where a smooth-edged tool made out of non-porous materials (think – jade, rose quartz, amethyst or […]

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