Summer Skincare Glow-Up

In most climates, summer months are well-known for their abundance of sunshine, humidity, and warmer temperatures. With this, also comes the need for some self-care adjustments, as our skin and body require different care in the summertime heat. woman wearing hat near pool

SPF every day: Avoid sunburns and premature aging by adding a facial sunscreen to your daily skincare routine. Our atmospheres UVA and UVB rays are especially powerful during the summertime (even on cloudy days when one might innocently skip the sunscreen) as UV rays have been shown to penetrate the clouds, catching us all by surprise. With the plethora of skincare products available to us online or at the drugstore, looking for a facial sunscreen can feel overwhelming. Fear not! The key is to keep it simple. Dermatologists tend to recommend light-weight, oil-free, mineral-based sunscreens, ranging from drugstore brands to luxury skincare options. (Our pick? We love sunscreen from Image Skincare!)

It’s Sandal Season: Whether you’re digging your toes in the sand at the beach or walking barefoot, it’s no question that in the summer months, our feet get more wear & tear. Common summer foot predicaments include: dry or callused heels, sunburns, and fungus growth. Give your feet some extra love this summer with Cielo Spa’s signature Exfoliating Foot Treatment. 

The Moisturizer Myth: Many people avoid moisturizing in the summer months for fear of getting oily, or because they assume moisturizer isn’t needed when it’s warm out. Paradoxically, this common misconception can leave your skin over-producing oil and blemish-prone. Don’t skip this important step in your skincare routine. 

Waxing: It’s bathing suit season! Avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs from frequent shaving by substituting with alternative hair removal processes. At Cielo, we offer a variety of waxing services using a special hard wax called Berodin Wax, ideal for sensitive skin and made with all-natural ingredients. Call us today at (805) 687-8979 to book one of our unique waxing treatments. 

Follow these essential steps to optimize your summer skin.

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