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Spotlight on Beeswax

Why is beeswax so great for the skin? Because it contains anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm. It’s especially effective in Babor’s Intensive Calming Cream, which you can find [...]
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Sweat! – Tip #7

Healthy skin needs a good sweat to keep it in optimal condition between facials. Sweating helps to release toxins from the pores. By releasing toxins, the skin is able to [...]
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Award Winning Day Cream

What better place, to pick up your award winning day cream, than Santa Barbara’s best award winning day spa? Cielo Spa Boutique carries the Babor line and is happy to [...]
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Great Cleanser, Great Complexion

So many cleansers on the market are formulated to “deep clean” the skin or claim to “unclog pores”. However, most of these same cleansers will over dry the skin, often [...]
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Babor Argan Nourishing Cream

Intensely moisturize skin with 24 hour hydration. Even the most dull, flaky skin will be regenerated with this super luxurious cream. Argan oil, shea and cocoa butter, as well as [...]
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