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Falling for Essential Oils

Toss your toxic commercial candles and sprays scented with carcinogenic fragrance oils aside. Say goodbye to air fresheners that are far from natural. This Fall, how about trying some natural [...]
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Award Winning Day Cream

What better place, to pick up your award winning day cream, than Santa Barbara’s best award winning day spa? Cielo Spa Boutique carries the Babor line and is happy to [...]
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Your New Favorite Candle: b.e. loved

Beautiful scents, and a customer favorite, b.e. loved candles are back in stock. From floral scents to fresh lemongrass and uplifting peppermint, Cielo Spa offers a lovely range of aromas to [...]
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Votivo Candles: The Perfect Holiday Gift

What better way to evoke the spirit of the holidays than with a delicious, comforting or inspiring scent! Elegantly packaged Votivo candles are crafted and hand-wrapped with the utmost care. Share [...]
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