Chocolate Body Scrub, Yum!

Yummy! Chocolate!

Chocolate is for eating…right? Well, yes but it can be used on your skin too! The food that once was associated with breakouts is actually good for your skin – how ironic. Researchers have debunked the long-held myths about the relationship between chocolate and skin, revealing that the delicious treat has numerous skin benefits. Chocolate is full of antioxidants which enhances your skin’s appearance and protects your skin from sun damage – with all the sunny days we get in Santa Barbara, we could all use a little chocolate!


  1. Nourishment
  2. Skin Detoxifier
  3. Promotes Skin Glow

The cocoa, combined with cacao nibs or sugar, removes dead skin cells and exposes a young, natural glow. Additionally, the ingredients work together to moisturize your skin and boost circulation, stimulating cell renewal.

So, it’s time to get great skin!

In celebration of Cielo Spa Boutique’s 14th Year Anniversary this month, treat yourself to a chocolate body scrub – I’m sure your dying to get a TASTE of the euphoric experience (pun intended). For a full 60 minutes, you get to enjoy the SWEET benefits of a chocolate body scrub, which is followed by a chocolate body butter that deeply moisturizes and nourishes your skin. The chocolate body scrub is one of our favorites because it makes our spa smell like the best bar of chocolate that anyone has ever had!

Call us at (805) 687-8979 to book your chocolate body scrub today – time to get your sweet tooth on!

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