Clarifying, Refreshing & Nourishing: Oxygen Foam Cleansing Mask

faceThere are so many kinds of face masks flooding the beauty market, but if you can only try one kind of facial, make it an oxygen foam cleansing mask. If you’ve never seen this fun face mask in action, you’re in for a treat!

What is an oxygen foam cleansing mask?

The oxygen foam cleansing mask applies like any ordinary cream mask. However, what makes this product different from other face masks is the oxygenation process. The foam is activated once the cream contacts skin and oxygen –it magically foams and makes your face look like a soft, fluffy cloud!  Within seconds after applying, the mask creates a moisturizing lather that gives your skin a gentle tingling sensation while it removes the deepest of impurities, leaving your skin deeply cleansed and well-hydrated.

What are the benefits of using oxygen foam cleansing masks?

  • Removes impurities and dead skin cells
  • Provides moisture
  • Deeply cleanses skin

Active ingredients include:

  • Glycerin
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  • Disodium Cocamphodiacetate

Incorporate fun face masks into your skincare routine with our help. Grab our limited edition BABOR Oxygen Foam Cleansing Mask – get yours before it’s too late!

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