Cut Down on the Caffeine – Tip #2

Cielo CoffeeDon’t worry, we’re not suggesting you give up your morning latte! Our second tip to helping you keep your skin in check in between facials seems to have become somewhat common knowledge, though, reminders always help.

High caffeine content, found in coffee, black teas, and multi-shot espresso lattes, can have a mild diuretic effect, which means it can aid in dehydrating the skin. Drinking large amounts of caffeine can also increase stress and lack of sleep in some individuals – both of which should remain in check for optimal skin health.

While there are benefits to coffee, tea and some other perk-inducing beverages, a good rule of thumb is to consume in moderation.

A bit too much caffeine left your skin needing some TLC ? Please get in touch with us now so we can set up your next appointment.

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