Honey for a Healthy Complexion – Tip #1

Cielo HoneyIn between facials we can find ourselves needing a quick fix for stressed skin. While it’s important to keep a regular facial on the books for optimal looking skin, in a pinch there are some remedies that can aid in hydrating skin, soothing irritation and minimizing breakouts.

This is our first tip in a series where we will be sharing bits of info. to help you keep your skin happy and healthy:

Honey – it tastes delicious, we add it to tea, and it can be just as lovely as part of a facial care regimen. Raw honey (the thick kind usually found in jars) offers many beneficial properties. First off, it’s a humectant so it attracts and holds moisture into the skin. For dry and aging skin trying to avert wrinkles, honey can help by drawing in and holding in that much needed moisture. Additionally, honey is a natural antibacterial that also has soothing properties. For acne-prone skin, honey can often soothe breakouts and red irritated skin, sometimes cutting the “life” of the active blemish.

How to use honey as an at home face treat: From a raw honey jar, scoop a sizable amount in a spoon. Apply a thick layer to a cleansed face, avoiding the eye area. (Note: the honey will be sticky, it will be messy, so keep this in mind!) You can apply it on the lips as well. Leave the honey on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off. The honey will be slightly grainy as you rinse it off. Pat face dry, tone and moisturize. (Note: honey will start to melt so if you are in a warm environment or leave it on longer, be mindful of this as it may start to drip).

Hope you enjoy this tip and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

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