How To: Protect Your Skin + Hair from Chlorine Damage

It’s our favorite time of the year…S U M M E R!

With the season comes all sorts of fun like working on our tans, hanging poolside, and diving in as much as possible. Unfortunately, as much as we love the pool, we can guarantee that the chlorine-filled water doesn’t feel the same way about us. Swimming pools usually contain high amounts of chlorine to protect you from all the bacteria that can grow in the water but it can do some serious damage to your skin, hair, and nails. Read more to find out the affects of chlorine and how to combat it without missing out on summer fun.

What are the damaging effects of chlorine?
-Dry, itchy scalp
-Lack of shine
-Dry, brittle hair
-Lack of volume

-It’s demoisturizing – it reduces natural oils found in skin, which may increase the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles
-Itchy, rashed, or burned skin
-Potential allergic reactions
-Acne breakouts
-Accelerated aging

-Damaged cuticles
-Weak and brittle nails (more prone to breakage)


We know, we were shocked to see so many downfalls from our summer shenanigans. Good news is… we have a solution!

Follow these steps to protect yourself from chlorine damage:
Before you swim…
*Take a quick fresh water rinse (don’t be afraid to get your hair wet here first!)
*Apply a leave-in-conditioner or natural oil (coconut oil works!) to your hair – do not rinse! Expert tip: Keep a small bottle of your preferred oil or conditioner in your beach bag so you can continue to reapply throughout the day.
*Remoisturize regularly.. and protect your skin from the sun. Skip your regular lotion and slather on waterproof SPF!

After you swim…
*Rinse your hair and body with fresh water and get squeaky clean with your fave body wash (preferably one that’s sulfate-free… the less chemicals the better!) Make sure to shampoo and condition your hair, you want to get the chlorine out ASAP.
*Dry off and put on some extra-hydrating moisturizer.

And that’s that! Keeping up with your “swim-care” routine is going to be half the battle. Catch ya poolside!

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