How To: Self-Care at Home

In 2021, putting yourself first has never been more important. While we wait for spas and salons to open, it’s good to know that you can treat yourself at home! Here are some self-care tips that you can do on-the-go or on the couch. 


  1. Make something homemade. 

Making something by hand or from scratch can be a creative outlet. The satisfaction you get from holding something you made entirely by yourself can’t be beat! Popular choices range from candles to face masks to clay mugs. If you love Cielo, here’s a link to how we do DIY face masks!


  1. Switch up your exercise routine. 

Exercise is always good for you, but it doesn’t have to be the same routine you always do. Switching activities can be a good way to introduce your body to new poses, new challenges and new limits. If you’re a cardio beast, try finding your Zen with yoga. If you like low-intensity, try running! There are so many ways to mix and match your exercise routine to keep things fun and fresh. 


  1. Take a walk. 

As much as we advocate for exercise, we also advocate for wellness in general. There might be some days where all you want to do is take a walk, and that’s okay! Taking a walk is a good chance to appreciate your neighborhood or explore something new where you live. Personally, the Cielo team loves a winter sunset beach walk – they are the best in Santa Barbara!


  1. Save takeout for special occasions. 

Takeout becomes less special when you have it every day. If you’re looking for something new, try only getting takeout for dinner or when it’s a special occasion, like socially distanced time with friends or celebrating a personal goal. Trust us, the food will taste extra yummy! 


  1. Stick to your New Year Resolutions by being consistent. 

Consistency is key. Write your goals, make plans to follow through, and keep track of your progress. This new year, we want to be the best version of ourselves. True self care is putting yourself first and accomplishing your goals one step at a time. 


With all that being said: just breathe! You got this.

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