Lavender: Why Is It So Calming?

If you think of a spa, or visualize a relaxing experience, you are probably picturing lavender. Have you ever wondered why lavender is the go-to fragrance to induce relaxation? It’s benefits and usage date back to the Ancient Egyptians, who used lavender for mummification and perfume.  Romans used it in soapsto wash their hair, and as a treatment for upset stomachs.  Today, it is commonly used in gardens, spas, and, yes, even food.

The therapeutic benefits of lavender are numerous.  It helps manage restlessness, can decrease anxiety, and reduce stress. Research has shown that just by breathing in the scent, your heart rate and blood pressure may lower. We also read that another study claimed it could improve memory! What an extraordinary purple plant. There is a lot of science backing its benefits. If you want to know the nitty gritty, read this article.

Since calming your mind is critical to overall wellness, you may want to incorporate lavender into your nighttime routine.  An easy way to do this would be to add a few drops of essential oil to an evening bath, sleep with a lavender eye mask, or simply have a lavender diffuser on your bedside table.  And, the next time you are offered a lavender essential oil at the spa, be sure to inhale that fragrant aromatherapy and settle in for some ZZZs

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