Saturday Spotlight: Vitamin C

Today we’re talking about Vitamin C, its benefits, and how you can incorporate it into your skincare routine. This 100% natural ingredient has phenomenal results on your skin. Vitamin C doesn’t contain any chemicals or questionable ingredients, unlike other products out on the market, which makes it totally worry-free, especially for those who tend to have bad reactions to products. If you want youthful, glowing skin keep on reading!

What are the benefits?
They are so many great benefits to Vitamin C – just check out this list:
– Promotes Collagen Production
– Protects Skin from Sun Damage
– Reduces Under-Eye Circles
– Speeds Up Healing (Yup, you read that right! Vitamin C can help heal small cuts, acne scars,      and even blemishes.)
– Reduces Skin Discoloration
– Keeps Skin Looking Younger
– Improves Hydration and Moisture
– Creates Brighter + Healthier Skin

How can we use it?
The easiest and most direct way to add this ingredient to your line-up of skincare products is through a Vitamin C serum or moisturizer with a highly concentrated amount of Vitamin C. (We love it so much that we keep a Babor Vitamin C product in stock always and use it in our Vitamin C facial!) Applying this to your skin can show rapid results!

If you haven’t used a serum before, it is an easy addition to your routine. Simply wash and dry your face, apply a small amount of serum (once or twice a day), and then continue with your routine. You can also add the serum directly into your moisturizer! If you do choose a Vitamin C Moisturizer just replace it with your current one!

One of our favorites products to use is the Vitamin C Concentrate from Babor! Now that you know all the great things about Vitamin C, go ahead and get your glow on!

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