Seven New Ways to Relax


Stress is a natural part of our bodies’ response to the world around us. Stress motivates us to get out of bed in the morning, provides the energy we need to accomplish tasks, and keeps us safe from danger. But stress is also something that, in excess, can take extreme tolls on our body and mind. With a twenty-four hour news cycle, constant connection through mobile phones, and day-to-day stressors, managing your stress is more important than ever. Take control of your stress – here are some fresh ways to inhale, exhale, and relax it away! 

1. Breathe 

Just like we say, “Inhale, exhale, relax!”. Your breathing is basically like a superpower that can be used to restore and revitalize your body and mind. Try taking five deep breaths, while noticing the pause in between your breaths. Just like that, your blood pressure regulates, your heart rate slows, and you’ve given your body a break.  

2. Find the Sun 

A little sunshine can you do you a whole lot of good. If you’re feeling stressed, find a few moments to soak up some vitamin D and let the natural light lift your spirits.  

3. Get a Massage 

When you’re stressed out, it shows up in your body. From tense shoulders to those weird little tweaks, you can often feel how your stress is hurting you. Massage therapy can be the perfect solution to work away stress from the outside in, as well as benefit from the healing power of touch. Want an extra dose of stress relief? Book a couples massage with your honey. 

4. Start Your Blood Moving 

The benefits of exercise are endless! And luckily, so are the options for how to get your blood flowing. Go for a quick jog around your neighborhood or do gentle stretches. Try a new activity, like Zumba or paddle boarding, or do an activity that you’ve always loved. Whether it’s five minutes of yoga or three hours of surfing – any physical activity will release endorphins, increase blood flow, and melt away your stress.  

5. Eat Well 

Food provides us more than pleasure or a feeling of fullness. The right food provides us with nutrients that power every function in our body and fuel to keep our mind and body functioning and its best capacity. Stay away from sugar and processed food – instead, focus on eating fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats. Eat your way to relaxation! 

6. Get Organized 

Often when stress arises, it’s an indicator that you have a lot on your plate. Take out a pen and paper and write down the things that are triggering your stress response. Then, determine action steps for each stressor. Some tasks need to happen today, while some can wait until next week, and still others can be delegated. Figure out what stressors are the most pressing, and tackle those first. Creating a plan helps to manage your stress levels. 

7. Be Grateful 

Stress can be a great motivator and can push us to look into the future and get our work accomplished. However, in excess, it can feed feelings of discontent with the present. Studies show that gratitude is a powerful tool for increasing your happiness, releasing stress, and improving your health. Make a list when you wake up in the morning or make a habit of verbally expressing things you’re grateful for to those around you.  

What are your favorite ways to inhale, exhale, and relax? We would love to be on the list! Give us a call or book a treatment online. 

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