Summer Skin Safety Tips

The kids are out of school and summer is officially in full force! While you and your family enjoy the summer sum, remember how important it is to be sun safe. Did you know that UV rays are the #1 cause of skin cancer? To help you enjoy our beautiful Santa Barbara beaches, we put together a few simple, sun protection tips:

  • Cover up! Hats and sunglasses are great to protect you from harsh rays. Plus there are so many cute swimsuit coverups these days!
  • Apply sunscreens and lotions with SPF
  • When it gets hot, find some shade
  • Stay hydrated
  • Reapply sunscreen regularly – especially after you get out of the water
  • Tanning beds are no friend to your skin

Remember, enjoy these sunny days but be smart! Too much sun can cause sunburns, eye damage, and premature wrinkles. Protect your skin by using a lotion with SPF. We have a great one that we just love! It is the Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturizer with SPF 30. And, if you love a good summer glow, remember you can always try our warm spray tan! Feel free to call the spa to pick up a product or book an appointment. Happy Summer!

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