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Summertime Skincare

We love the sun – sunny beach days, late sunsets, and basking in the sun.  What we don’t love is the damage harsh rays can do to our skin! Luckily,…
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Waxing: What You Need To Know

Waxing can be a girl’s best friend… but it can also be intimidating. We know just how much thought goes into prepping for a first wax appointment because we get…
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Spotlight on Beeswax

Why is beeswax so great for the skin? Because it contains anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm. It’s especially effective in Babor’s Intensive Calming Cream, which you can find…
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Sweat! – Tip #7

Healthy skin needs a good sweat to keep it in optimal condition between facials. Sweating helps to release toxins from the pores. By releasing toxins, the skin is able to…
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Come See Us this Weekend

We are ready to help you look and feel great! Give us a ring at 805-687-8979 or contact us online so that we can book your next appointment. Happy Friday,…
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Great Cleanser, Great Complexion

So many cleansers on the market are formulated to “deep clean” the skin or claim to “unclog pores”. However, most of these same cleansers will over dry the skin, often…
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Beneficial Oils – Tip #4

Just as ingesting (eating) oils can be beneficial for overall health, applying oils topically can have tremendous benefits in terms of skins’ appearance. To name just a few: Olive Oil…
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Wild Lime Hair Treatment

Treat yourself to an even more memorable spa experience by adding on our Wild Lime Hair Treatment to your service. Indulge in a fresh aroma while enjoying hydrating benefits for…
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