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Need some sleep? Try massage.

The CDC says that 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep. That is 33.3333333..% of adults. For optimal health and overall wellness, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and [...]
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Moms Need Me Time

School’s out so moms are busier than ever – shuttling to camps, juggling schedules, making lemonade stands, and creating lasting family memories! In between all the fun this summer, make [...]
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We’ve Got Your Favorite Votivo Candles

Recently, one of our clients stopped by the spa to purchase Votivo candles.   After looking all over town, she was so happy to find them at our spa.   In fact, she [...]
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Skin-care resolutions

Earlier this month, we shared Allure Magazine’s 10-Skin Care Resolutions to make annually. We are often asked what needs to be done to keep skin glowing. Daily sunscreen and moisturizer [...]
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