What To Keep In Your Beach Bag!

Now that June gloom has finally bade us farewell, it is officially summer in Santa Barbara! The warming temperatures and longer days provide ample opportunity for some quality time in the sun, from spending time on local hiking trails, lounging at the park, or of course, spending time at the beach. Whether you’re headed to the sandy shores for some solo relaxation or with family and friends for a day of activities, Cielo Spa wants to make sure you’re prepared! Here are our top beach bag staples for a wonderful beach day.

ORMEDIC balancing antioxidant serum 

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This serum is must-have for every serious beach-goer. Getting out in the sun in hopes of a summer glow (read about sun tanning vs. spray tans here: https://cielospasb.com/spray-tans-vs-tanning-beds/) saps the skin of its natural moisture and takes a toll on your skin’s health. The organic Japanese green tea and soothing botanical moisturizers in ORMEDIC balancing antioxidant serum provide lasting hydration and balance for parched skin. Simply apply under your sunscreen, or after a day out for a moisturizing and cooling experience. We love it so much, we keep it in stock at the spa – grab yours for only $46!



Prevention+ SPF 50 Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer 

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Prevention+ sunscreen is the perfect follow-up to skin serum. We love this sunscreen because it smells like vacation in a bottle, it doesn’t leave white streaks or white sweat, and it applies silky smooth. Wearing sunscreen is vital to protecting your skin from harsh, aging UV rays, and this one is tried and true! Apply this sunscreen over ORMEDIC skin serum, or by itself. This is also available at the spa.. call ahead so you can pick it up ($39).


A cute, fun beach cover-up 

Photo Credit: Mudpie Fashions

No matter how much sunscreen you apply, sometimes after a long day outside, your skin has had enough! A beach cover-up is a perfect solution to give your skin a break from the rays. We love a cover-up that protects your shoulders, just like this navy eyelet one by Mud Pie that we have in stock.. right now!



Last but not least, bring some skin-healthy snacks 

Once you’ve fully protected your skin on the outside, it’s time that you nourish yourself on the inside! Try munching on a handful of walnuts for protein and Omega-3, which helps prevent dry and scaley skin. The vitamin E in sunflower seeds help prevent acne, and the antioxidants in blueberries fight sun-damaged skin! For a refreshing drink, try this delicious turmeric lemonade (and learn more about Turmeric from our blog post: Spotlight on Turmeric.


And there you have it! These beach bag must-haves are tried and true, whether you’re planning on an active afternoon playing volleyball at East Beast or a relaxing solo morning at Butterfly Beach. Until we see you next, stay safe in the sun, take care of your skin, and enjoy these beautiful summer months!

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