How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the love in your life, and there are a lot of ways to do that! If you need some fresh ideas to celebrate the day of love this year, look no further. Here are four ways you can make this day special.  

1. With Your Best Friends

Your best friends are with you through the ups and the downs. Celebrate the love that friendship brings into your life. Draw names out of a hat and compete to see who can pack the cutest Valentine’s Day lunch, host a cozy a game night, or take over the spa for a relaxing and refreshing spa party.

2. With Your Significant Other 

There’s nothing like February 14th to celebrate a special moment with your special someone. This Valentine’s Day, change up your routine. Sign up for something active like ice skating or a dance class and experience the ways that being out of your comfort zone might bring you closer! Of course, end the day with a relaxing and romantic couple’s massage. 

3. With Your Family 

Valentine’s Day isn’t only about romance, it’s about being with the ones you love. Maybe this year, take your mom out for dinner at her favorite restaurant, or get pampered together by creating custom facials just for you. Spritz some lavender essential oils to refresh your mind and write your family a card that lets them know just how much they mean to you! 

4. With Yourself 

At Cielo Spa Boutique, we know that self-love is important, too. Show yourself some TLC this Valentine’s Day and tune into what will help you feel refreshed and loved. If a bubble bath and a good book sounds like a perfect plan, clear your schedule and do that. Maybe get a massage to push away the week’s worries… whatever it is, make time for what you need! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 



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